Virtual Meetings


• How do I get a virtual meeting invite?

•Vitural meeting invites are automatically emailed to members. Invites are also sent to others on request, click here:

• Why not post login info in Facebook, etc.?

• The video call info will be emailed directly to you to avoid conference “bombing” i.e., interruptions by intruders.
• Can I share my invite with others?

• Yes, but only with trusted friends to avoid getting our call side-tracked.
• What equipment do I need to join?

• Most any internet connected device (computer, laptop, MAC, tablet) with microphone (camera optional)
• How do I join?

• From the meeting invitation, Click on the Join Meeting link; follow the prompts
• Zoom - see video:
• MS Teams - see guide:

• What if I don’t want to be on camera?

• You can turn your video off.