Is it hard to learn to ski?

Answer. Although lesson are recommended, once you have been shown the basics, you’ll be  ready for the bunny slopes in no time.  The more you ski, the better you get.  Soon  you’ll be out all over the mountain. 

Best tip - a lesson, see https://www.thesnowpros.org/take-a-lesson/

How do you keep from getting cold?

Answer.The key is to wear layers.  They help you retain your body head.  Then, if you get warm,  you can take a layer off.

Why join Steel on Ice?

Answer. Our ski club members represent all walks of life, but they are united by at least one thing --  fun on the slopes.  Whether they are skiing experts who never miss a chance to plow through powder or novices just getting their feet -- or skis - wet, they welcome all fun lovers.  

Yet, we  are more than a ski club.  We look for adventures during all four seasons …  cookouts, golf  tournaments, movie nights, bowling, biking, ski diving, distance running, camping, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and more.

Our club offers members discount travel to premier ski destinations and more.  Come join for opportunities to network, develop friendships with people who share common interests, and just  have fun! 

How is the COVID Pandemic being addressed by the Club?

Answer. Our ski club is taking measures to reduce exposures by adhering to CDC precuations.  Most meetings are virtual.  Most events are held outdoors.  Indoor events are small in scale and are for those that are vaccinated.